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Friday, August 31, 2007

Illini Hoping to pull off HUGE upset in St. Louis against Mizzou

Illini Fans! First game of the year tomorrow! And it's on a huge stage-- the RCA Dome in St. Louis against Mizzou. The St. Louis Post Dispatch is quoting Ron Zook as admitting that it's not an ideal opener for his young, still-developing team. That'll make an upset that much more satisfying Ron!

On paper, Illinois looks like a two-touchdown dog to us. But something tells me you can throw out the "on paper" analysis on this one. The one intangible for Illinois is that they have big play potential now, in the Juice Williams-Aurelious Benn connection. If that connection lights it up tomorrow, Illinois could pull off the huge upset.

We'll have to see. Here are the three keys to the game for Illinois:

1. Defensive secondary play

2. Offensive line play

3. Juice Williams' ability to throw the ball

If they're a "GO" on the above three, there's a chance for Illinois to win the game. I can't wait to watch it!

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