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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Orlando Sentinel ranks Juice as the 34th best quarterback in the nation

The Orlando media isn't exactly up there with Chicago or New York, but nevertheless.......

The Orlando Sentinel puts Juice Williams at #34 when stacked up against the rest of the nation's QB's. That's definitely a potential pick right there.....cause Juice didn't have the numbers last year to earn a top 40 selection. The article describes him as "great athlete" but with "poor decision-making". I guess that's an accurate description of his freshman season.

Mike Locksley was disappointed with Juice's performance at Camp Rantoul-- but Zook feels like he's ready to have a break-out year. It remains to be seen. There's no doubt that Juice is one of the most gifted athletes to stand behind center at Illinois in the school's history. But athleticism alone doesn't make you a great quarterback. I think the only thing potentially holding Juice back from greatness is his passing touch and accuracy.

It'll be interesting to see how he plays against Missouri-- a very tough opening test.

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