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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Illini nearly pull off upset over Mizzou...but not quite

Well, that was one heck of a college football game today. I'm proud of Illinois' effort. What a huge difference between this game, and last year's early game against Rutgers!

You could see flashes of the explosive potential of Illinois' young talent. We actually forced some turnovers in this game! Eddie McGee wowed everyone with his poise and execution.....despite the fact that he had three turnovers. While he made the plays that cause the loss, he also made the plays that had Illinois in the game up to the last minute.

The most glaring weakness during the game, however, was Mizzou's ability to pass into the seam between Illinois' linebackers and their secondary. Mizzou was able to play pitch and catch for most of the game. Only late in the 4th quarter, when the defense started blitzing and getting pressure on the Missouri quarterback, did they have any success in shutting down their passing game.

All in all, it hurt to lose, but Illinois came out of this game on an upward glidepath.

Final note-- on that last pass by McGee that ended in an interception, it looked like he would have had Arrelious Benn wide open streaking to the endzone if he had just gone through his reads. But, hey, that was his first college game, ever.

Illinois could easily be 2-1 heading into week 4......all in all, the future looks brighter now than it did yesterday.

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